About us

MrDevon, LLC started from a desire to provide better campus recreation software. As students, we were frustrated by our campus intramural software taking a long time to be updated and once we found out behind the scenes was not a real-time process we knew we could provide a better solution. From there a few years of research and planning culminated with our alma mater beta testing the solution for a year. They chose to purchase the software and it has continued to evolve into what it is today.

We couldn't stop there so we created a physical plant solution for tracking work orders, labor, parts, and purchasing. Since then we have also partnered with a school in Asia to provide a custom Student Information System (SIS).

What do we do?

Cloud Computing

Designed with the flexibility to allow the cloud to host it

Web Design

All our products are 100% web applications. It is just where everything is.

Mobile Layouts

The key to reaching your customers today


We provide flexability to fit into your current processes.


Training is available so that you can get the most out of them.

Customer Service

From a ticket system to our support email we aim to provide timely responses to your needs.